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1C support and development

Company’s productive and successful work depends on the usage of the software system «1C: Enterprise». NixJ company provides a full range of services, including installation, development and specialized technical support for this highly specialized software. Concluding an agreement with our company, you will get a full range of services for all component of the «1C: Enterprise» program support. Our staff members provide fast and professional installation of the necessary software and also provide the needed technical support, including service and consulting.


The range of 1C support and development for NixJ includes:

  • Software installation and configuration (the programs are selected individually, depending on the company’s size and specialty);
  • Software technical support, including regular updates and setting changes;
  • Creation of archival copies of important documents or data storage at the cloud of our company;
  • Remote consulting.

Using the services of 1C support and development from NixJ company, you will be able to save company’s financial funds on buying and installing of the licensed software. Moreover, you have no need to hire your own system admin or use the services of outside experts for software maintenance: NixJ specialists will provide all the necessary consultations and technical support at reasonable prices, according to the signed contract.

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