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Services for computers

Services for computers

Subscription services for computers, servers, office networks, Wi-Fi

NixJ provides full package of services for IT infrastructure configuration and managing. Using our services, you will be able to focus on business and reduce financial expenses on your own IT-staff for managing computers, network and office equipment.


NixJ’s subscription services include several advantages:

  • You save time on choosing qualified network engineer or several members of IT-staff;
  • Each client can choose the set on needed services individually, depending on company size and specialty;
  • We guarantee stable computer operation, as well as steady work of corporative network, operating systems and office equipment.

Our range of services is quite wide and includes products for small and medium business. We provide full range of services for business at a fixed rate:

  • Operating system’s installation, configuration and maintenance;
  • Installation and updating of modern computer protection devices;
  • Servers’ configuring and servicing;
  • Office equipment installing and adjustment;
  • Scheduled inspection of the computer network and office equipment;
  • Emergency visits for removing software failure.

Signing a contract with our company, you will get an opportunity to concentrate on your business completely and our staff members will provide the stable operation of computer systems 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

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