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Installation and configuration of SCS, Wi-fi

IT installation and network creation, servers, video monitoring, PC, signaling systems, telephony, Wi-Fi

Structured cabling (SCS) is the basis of IT infrastructure of every company. The SCS’s quality has a direct impact on units and equipment work. That is why the installation and configuration of SCS should be done by professionals, who will make a high-quality installation, taking into account all peculiarities of the premises and the type of the company.

Reasons to use the service

The structured cabling, configured in a proper way, will guarantee the stable operation of the company in general, as well as its certain employees. Also the creation of the corporate network will make the work of the staff more coordinated.


SCS installation and configuration will be useful in the following cases:

  • The need of connecting all corporate computers into one general network;
  • Creation of the general signaling system, video monitoring or telephony;
  • The need of combining separate units of the company, located at a certain distance.

Due to the usage of the modern data transfer protocols and well-thought component placement, structured cabling will stabilize the work of the certain units without additional expenses on staff expansion or equipment base. SCS from NixJ company Installation and adjustment of SCS is rather complicated, as it is necessary to take into account architectural and technical peculiarities of the premises, the location of the units and personal preferences of the client. The NixJ’s staff members succeed in that.

The service from NixJ includes:

  • Individual design documentation for the SCS installation with the main peculiarities of the premises, number and location of the units;
  • Making allowance for future development and expansion of the cable system as the number of staff increases;
  • Cable wiring and switching;
  • Installation of the central switchboard or central node;
  • Radio detection of the optimal allocation of Wi-Fi Access Points;
  • Selection of the proper wireless equipment.

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