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IP telephony Setting

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IP telephony is a modern means of communication, which is able to reduce financial expenses of the company. At the same time, the quality of local and international communication is quite high. NixJ company provides the service of IP telephony installation and setting. Using our services, you will get high quality communication at a reasonable price. IP telephony: advantages Among all modern means of communication, IP telephony has many advantages, which are especially important for corporate clients.


IP telephony usage provides such opportunities:

  • Save money: the cost of IP telephony intercity and international calls is much lower than the cost of traditional phone communication;
  • Keep in touch with your clients: each VoIP phone has its own IP address, so you have an opportunity to keep in touch with your colleges or clients from any part of the world, just having access to the Internet;
  • Usage of additional features: conversation recording and call detail record are included to the list of IP telephony basic features, whereas in traditional phone connection these services should be paid separately;
  • Company’s work optimization: the usage of IP telephony gives you an opportunity to unite several offices, located in different cities or countries, into one network. Due to that you are able to optimize the work of the company and make the process of negotiation simpler.

Additionally, all members of the staff get access to the general phone directory, which makes the process of employees cooperation possible.

Installation, setting and IP telephony connection services include:

  • Creation of design documents for IP telephony installation, including the peculiarities of the premises, quantity and location of workplaces;
  • Possibility of IP telephony network expanding, depending on the growth on the number of staff members;
  • Cable routing and switching cords setting;
  • Central switchboards or IP telephony node installation;
  • Selection of the best IP telephony provider or optimizing the work of the current provider;
  • Selection of the needed IP telephony equipment or advancing the existing one.

IP telephony can be configured in such a way, that it is directly connected to the CRM system. Such feature will enable the manager to get access to the customer’s information immediately after taking the call.

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