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Server services

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The professional server services and administration, provided by NixJ company, makes the stable work of the company possible, and eliminates the possibility of operation downtime or hardware failure.


  The company’s server is the main tool, which provides the successful work of the enterprise. The server, set correctly, has several important features:

  • Manages the user’s accounts and coordinates the computer network work;
  • File servers store and process documents in a secure way;
  • The server provides the stable database work, access to the Internet and corporate mail.

The usage of the server administrative services makes the operation of the corporate equipment stable. The NixJ’s staff members provide one-time and regular services of eliminating crashes of server’s work.

Our benefits

  • 24/7 work: steady server monitoring makes its’ work stable;
  • Emergency assistance: of your server fells down, our specialist will visit your company and reduces the reason of the failure, quickly setting up the server;
  • Data objectivity: adding new employee accounts, removing accounts of dismissed employees;
  • Server services: software update, virus protection, server data backup.

There is an opinion, that one-time server setting is enough for its stable work in future. But such point of view is correct only partly, because the server, set correctly, is considered to be a completely autonomous system, which is able to perform the stable work of all company’s technical components. But for server failure prevention it is recommended to carry out inspections and equipment quality control.

The set of services of servers setting and maintaining include:

    • Equipment selection, installation and server setting;
    • Server arrangement for conducting special tasks;
    • Staff accounts administrating;
    • Regular server configuration and maintaining;
    • Antivirus software, hardware, virtual and file servers control.

The server services cost from NixJ is calculated individually and depends on the range of services (company’s server, external server, cloud storage, mail server) and the duration of the services (one-time or on a regular basis).

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