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Infrastructure migration to Cloud Storage

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Computer network work directly depends on the server’s power and protection level. Cloud services are often used for corporate data protection from loss, break-in or deletion. It is enough to move corporate data to the Cloud Storage – virtual storage with the access to a certain data only for several users. At the same time information remains protected from unauthorized users. NixJ provides the service of infrastructure migration to the Cloud. This service has many advantages for both small and medium business. Information stored on new servers will be protected from foreign access or loss. If the role of the server is played by powerful computer, it should also migrate to the cloud storage to protect confidential and corporate information from access loss for employees company management.


The usage of NixJ migration services has several benefits:

  • High reliability: NixJ Cloud Storage data protection level is higher that the capabilities of a certain company during local servers hosting;
  • Optimal price and service quality: we guarantee that your company’s infrastructure migration will be carried out on a high level without computer network failure or access restrictioms. We offer reasonable prices, suitable for small and medium business;
  • High dispatch: our staff members are highly qualified are able to carry out the server migration within short timeframes and without any negative consequences for the company’s computer network.

We are ready to select the proper Cloud Storage which will meet all the requirement of your company. We will move your company’s infrastructure to the Cloud and ensure the stable work of computer network.

Infrastructure migration and servicing of the Cloud Storage services include:

  • Selection of the proper Cloud Storage;
  • Software installing;
  • Administration panel formation;
  • Cloud access delegation;
  • Infrastructure migration to the Cloud;
  • Cloud back up.

Cloud data storage is popular all over the world. The main advantage of the service is that the business has no need to be related to the geographical location of the server or the speed of the Internet connection. Is easily scaled. Has no need in additional charges for the usage of server equipment.

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