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Video monitoring

Modern video monitoring technologies are rapidly developing, providing high level of security for companies and private property. For the proper usage of the services it is necessary to work with professionals of IT outsourcing companies, who are able to create individual video monitoring project and install the necessary equipment and software. Price and speed of the service providing also play important role.


NixJ provides high-quality video monitoring services, suitable for small and medium business, and private citizens. The range of video monitoring services includes:

  • Individual design of the CCTV system depending on the premises peculiarities and personal preferences of the customer;
  • Organization and installation of cable network and equipment (including cameras);
  • Install and setting of the DVR and software.

Reasons to use our services Company’s and private property security depends on the video monitoring quality. With the help of CCTV system you can control work processes of the enterprise and keep the received data on order to provide the necessary information to police or security. The security level depends on the quality of the used equipment and software. The specialists of NixJ are highly qualified and have all the skills, needed for proper installation and setting of the equipment and software. We use only licensed equipment and programs from the best world’s developers and provide flexible prices, so our services are suitable for both small and medium business and private persons.

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