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Work time logging of back office

IT services. Back office control. Desktop settings. Workplace administrator. Work time logging.

Work time optimization of the company is tightly connected with the high-quality work time logging. It allows eliminating the disadvantages of business processes, establishing interactions of different departments and increasing company’s profits. Modern programs give the opportunity to provide work time logging and to control time, required to perform certain tasks. Also such software helps to control the time, which employee spends at his workplace. All received data is accumulated, systematized and provided to the management for work time correction.


The required information is collected in several ways:

  • Messengers, the response rate of the certain employee to the question;
  • Call-back: the speed of the feedback to the customer;
  • Employee efficiency: screenshot shows, how the employees work time is really spent;
  • PC activity shows the level of the useful work time of the staff;
  • Employee’s activity on the company’s web-resources helps to avoid the image losses of the enterprise.

As a rule, work time logging is provided with the help of the special software, which is installed on the corporate computers. It should be set up in a proper way, so that the company’s management could receive the constant access to the required data.

Such services are provided by NixJ company. Using our services you will receive:

  • Fast and professional installation of the special licensed software from world’s best developers;
  • Individual software setup for work time monitoring;
  • Remote technical support and elimination of software failures.

Work time logging form NixJ will give you an opportunity to monitor employee’s work time automatically (including remote monitoring), receive business intelligence analysis and timely eliminate low-effect processes.

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