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History of IT outsourcing: how does it start

History of IT outsourcing

The concept of IT outsourcing is very popular nowadays, although many people don’t know what this term means and which services includes. Explaining the meaning IT outsource literally  will include a kind of “outside services”, but it doesn’t mean that the company’s infrastructure will be fully controlled by IT outsourcing company. IT outsourcing services – it’s a great opportunity to make the work of computer network and company in general, better. Let’s take a look at the history of IT outsource development in Ukraine and its prospects for further development. How did it all begin?

Just 20 years ago Ukrainian IT outsource was poorly developed, although in the USA the first companies of such kind appeared in the 1970s. Such process is explained easily: businessmen preferred not to process computer data by their own, but ordered such service in the special computer centers. Also the popularity of IT outsource is easily explained by the high cost of computer equipment: it was much easier and cheaper to use services of computer companies without buying the necessary equipment.

With the expansion of computer technology, IT outsourcing became even more popular. Now the majority of companies prefer such services without creation own IT departments.

IT outsourcing today

Having an opportunity to evaluate all the factors, which caused the emergence of IT outsourcing objectively, we can definitely state that such service will never use popularity. Moreover, it is likely that IT outsourcing will become even more popular. Why so? There are several reasons, which explain the stable IT outsourcing popularity:

Despite the fact, that many Ukrainian businessmen are still reluctant to IT outsourcing, such services are gradually becoming more popular. It is explained in a simple way: IT outsourcing services include not only computer network management, but several other services. For example, a company manager can use the services of a qualified outside experts to find professional employees for his own IT department. Such approach is called a resource one, and though it is not considered effective enough, company owners consider it necessary to trust the employee selection to the IT outsourcing companies.

As a conclusion we can say that since its’ appearing IT outsourcing has greatly developed. Now businessmen can choose proper services, from office equipment and computer network maintenance to full range of corporate IT services, including corporative data security and servers servicing.


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