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IT outsourcing vs system admin: what’s better

IT outsourcing vs system admin: what’s better

Many companies have their own system administrators or entire IT departments, because company’s management has a certain level of distrust to IT outsourcing companies. The main reason of declining the services is the fear of corporate data loss or receiving the services of poor quality.

In fact such distrust has no reason. We will make an argument for the reliability of IT outsourcing to prove, that IT outsourcing is better than a full-time system admin.

Saving money

Statistics says that the work efficiency of full-time system admin rarely exceeds 50%. At the same time you need to pay him quite high salary, grant health care and vacation bonus and buy needed equipment.

There is one way to save money. It is enough to hire the outside expert, who will serve the computer network. But such way is not the best as the independent contributor may provide services of low quality and is not responsible for problems with hardware or software. Actually, his work is limited to the solving of the existing problems.

IT outsourcing services will cost more than the services of independent contributor, but will be cheaper than services of system admin, included to the staff. Ordering certain services, you sign an agreement, which clearly specifies the range of services, terms of their provision and security guarantees. Due to that the IT outsourcing company will do its best to provide high-quality services for the stable work of corporate computer network and security of the corporate data.

Skill level

Despite the popularity of IT services. It is quite difficult to hire professional system admin who will know all the needed detail without high salary demands. IT outsourcing has important benefits in this area. The stable computer network work will be provided by the team of skilled professionals, but not one person, who can make a serious mistake.

Moreover, full-time system admins have no need or opportunity to advance their skills and their knowledge becomes out-of-date and you risk the corporative data security. Staff members of IT outsourcing companies constantly learn to meet the current market needs and be aware of the latest technical innovations.

Working efficiency

Using IT outsourcing services for corporate computer network, the company’s management gets more opportunities for business development, as there is no need to control software and equipment.

Moreover, IT outsourcing specialists record the work dove and provide the reports to the company’s management for working efficiency evaluating. System admins, included to the staff, rarely make such reports or use special terms to describe their work, so it is hard to evaluate their working efficiency without special knowledge.

The benefits of IT outsourcing are quite obvious. But still there is a certain number of businessmen who decline such services. Such point of view is easily explained be several unmotivated fears:

To conclude, it should be noted, that the current level of IT outsourcing services is quite flexible, and the cost of services is calculated individually, so the needed services can be chosen both by small and medium companies.


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