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IT outsourcing: development in Ukraine and Europe

IT outsourcing: development in Ukraine and Europe

We will not pay attention to the development of IT in general, but will consider the development of IT outsourcing, as is it considered one of the most promising areas. We should note that in 2009 Ukraine was named as a leader of IT outsourcing services in Europe. Since that time IT outsourcing has showed rapid growth and it is necessary to figure out prospects for further development of Ukrainian IT outsourcing.

Why Ukraine is a leader in IT outsourcing?

IT outsourcing is considered one of the most promising area of IT sphere. Gradually it gains the trust of businessmen all over the world. According to these facts it is necessary to specify, that the leading positions were taken by Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies.

The popularity of Ukrainian IT outsourcing can be explained by several important issues:

These facts confirm that Ukraine can really become one of the leaders in IT outsourcing. But there is a problem. Each year a huge number of OT specialists graduate from Ukrainian universities. Due to that there is a logical question, concerning the demand for such specialists in the future.

Prospect for the further development of IT outsourcing in Europe

Most Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies prefer to work with European clients, though the customer base is gradually expanded by the representatives from the USA and China. So, we can state, that the development of Ukrainian IT outsourcing goes hand in hand with the European IT sphere.

Hard observers say that sooner or later IT specialists will glut the market. Their point of view is based on the idea that the growth of IT services in Europe will reduce soon. However such point of view is not true. It is true that Ukrainian and Russian business has a certain level of distrust to IT outsourcing companies, but European and American business prefers to use services of outside experts. Taking into account the benefits of Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies and the development of European IT sphere, we can state that in the nearest future the prospect for the further development of IT outsourcing will be positive for Ukrainian and European specialists.


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